I once had to deal with dry, flaky cheeks. Besides the fact that it did not look good, it also drove me crazy.

I tried many remedies. Many visits to general practitioners, dermatologists and beauticians did not solve the problem. One said I had to learn to live with it, the other offered me a so-called wonder creme. Result: the flakes remained, and I still got skin irritation on top. It made me despondent.


The turnaround came about 10 years ago. My late Moroccan mother-in-law gave me a dash of argan oil from Morocco, filled in a rinsed bottle of Fanta.

“Just use this for a few weeks. In a few weeks you will have a silky soft, hydrated baby skin.”

Somewhat skeptically, I accepted her Fanta bottle. “Just another quack,” I thought to myself. But I did not want to hurt my mother-in-law, so I went to work with her argan oil.

After a few days it was clear that the flaking was reduced. My husband actually complimented it.

After 2 weeks I was flake free and to my surprise they did not come back.

I decided to use the oil for my whole body. What works for the face may also have a positive effect in other places.

A good friend, a psoriasis patient, was also relieved of her complaints with this oil.

We were amazed at the result! And then the bottle of Fanta was suddenly ... empty!


Finding a new stock proved to be no picnic. My late mother-in-law only stayed in Belgium during the winter. In the summer months she lived in Morocco.

I took matters into my own hands and started my search for this magical stuff. I had to

Find argan oil on the Belgian market!


I started my adventure with the most obvious suppliers: pharmacies, health food stores, the internet. It did not exactly make me happy. Absolutely all the products I found were greasy and sticky. They were nothing like the oil I was looking for.

My aha experience, as befits a true aha experience, came at the most unexpected moment ever. I saw a broadcast of "Scammed Abroad", a program with Axel Daeseleire.

My jaw dropped in surprise when he said the following: Morocco, the only country where the argan nut grows, sells little to no pure pressed argan oil. Pure argan oil is therefore very difficult to obtain. However, a mixture of argan oil and corn oil is sold, under the false pretense of pure argan oil.


The production process of pure argan oil is extremely labor-intensive. Therefore, rogue traders see a lucrative solution in mixing argan oil with corn oil or refining argan oil.

It was clear: the solution to my problem lay in Morocco.


Morocco versus pharmacy: After a test in an Antwerp lab, our argan oil from Morocco turned out to be of a high-quality level. The pharmacist's sample, on the other hand, contained less than 30% of the vitamins!

The oil traded on the European market is therefore refined argan oil.

Moral of the story: my mum-in-law's oil is purely pressed and unrefined. You can compare it to the difference between freshly squeezed orange juice versus orange juice from a brig.

A refining process is a carcinogenic process where rancid argan oil is manipulated in such a way that it is usable again. Through this process the oil is discolored, deodorized and almost all valuable vitamins are destroyed. In addition, the structure of the oil also changes. In short: the end result is miles away from a pure, healthy argan oil.


I got a lot of valuable information here that I could get started with. I could not pass this up! I wanted to do something with this information because many people with or without skin problems benefit from this news!

Finding a Belgian or European supplier turned out not to be an option. They only market refined argan oil of questionable quality.

Then get started yourself!


After a long road of trial, error, wrong choices, and a lot of lobbying, I finally came to a great result!

Zinli was born with a carefully composed team of honest farmers, artisans, and a rented press. We are bottling in the lab of UHASSELT


Zinli: a well-thought-out choice. In the word Zinli, all the letters come from my children's first names: Zeyneb, Nisrien, Luiza and plus-daughter Ghizlaine.

ZIN LI FIK means “the beauty you own”. “Zine” is the Arabic word for “beauty”.


With Zinli I bring pure, unrefined argan oil to Europe with the intention of providing you and many others with healthy skin for years to come.

Zinli is available from pharmacies and better beauticians.


You can order online via www.zinli.be


Want to know more? I am happy to answer all your questions via Monia@zinli.be!



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