Use argan oil for all kinds of skincare

When buying Zinli, you’ll have access to the ancient tradition of argan: experience pure goodness and luxury thanks to an all-natural, pure product! Full of nourishing ingredients and no harmful additions: Zinli quality products take care of your skin, hair, nails and face the very best, any time of day!

Pure salubriousness in one great product

  • All-inclusive skincare for day and night
  • Hydrating and smoothing characteristics
  • Repairs skin, hair and nail flaws


When using Zinli as part of your daily and nightly skincare routine, it’s enough to cleanse your face thoroughly after which you apply some drops of argan oil to your fingers and massage them into your skin. To fight wrinkles and dark circles, massage the eye contours in circle movements inwards. Don’t forget to treat your mouth and lip contours and experience the lifting effect immediately. 


Since your skin is confronted every day with polluted air and UV-rays, a good and profound skincare is essential. Because of its unique composition, argan oil makes sure your skin stays hydrated, resilient and healthy. Zinli is suitable for all skin types and has a lifting effect on your chest and thighs. Add some more argan oil when treating “troubled zones” such as your elbows, heels and knees, to reinforce the healing effect. Zinli oil can also be used as bath oil. 

Hands and feet 

Washing your hands multiple times a day and showering once, maybe twice a day, may make your hands and feet suffer from dryness due to excessive water use. Add all the germs that come with touching all kinds of things all day long, and you’ll understand that your hands and feet need a little treatment from time to time. By hydrating them with Zinli argan oil, they are nourished naturally and your nails will shine like never before. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E and its antiinflammatory characteristics,  argan oil also fights chilblains. Apply a few drops to your cuticles  and massage thoroughly to soften your cuticles and proceed the growth of your nails – repeat the same ritual for your feet. Go to bed wearing cotton socks and wake up with the softest feet ever!  


Done with dry, weak and drained hair? Apply a few drops of Zinli after washing your hair daily and feel the difference! Argan oil will make your hair shine and adds extra volume to it. Divide a few drops on your hair and massage thoroughly. The argan oil can be used on dry hair as well, to make the dry ends healthy and smooth again. You can also apply a few drops of Zinli after washing as a conditioner for an extra treatment, without rinsing. If you like an intensive treatment, you can apply argan oil to your hair, scalp and ends. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Pregnancy stretchmarks / psoriasis / eczema 

When suffering from pregnancy stretchmarks, psoriasis or eczema, it’s necessary to apply argan oil two times a day to your skin for the best results. You will notice irritation and itching are reduced immediately.

Aftershave balm for men / sportsmen 

Men and sportsmen can apply Zinli argan oil daily to their skin, especially after shaving to rehydrate facial skin.  

Babies / children 

Since babies and children have very sensitive skin, argan oil can be applied to small wounds, dry spots or sensitive bums. 

Available at the pharmacy 

Ready to look amazing every single day? Start using argan oil! In Belgium, the 100% natural Zinli argan oil is available at many pharmacies and other salespoints. Buy your favourite argan oil products today and notice their benefits immediately! 

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