You must have heard about argan oil before. It’s called the “fluid gold of Morocco” and is known for being a true miracle worker for your skin and hair.

Argan oil is ought to have a lot of beneficial characteristics: a hydrating, nourishing, caring and repairing natural product for skin and hair. It would help diminish your wrinkles and scars because of its lifting effects, together with pregnancy stretchmarks. It can also be used to reinforce fragile nails,
to cure chilblains and to soften eczema and psoriasis. These effects are mostly thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E in argan oil.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that argan oil is such a popular product that is added to almost every skincare product in order to convince us to buy it. It’s a natural product that is made of the fruit of the argan tree. Its production is highly labour-intensive since the cracking and pressing of the nuts are done manually most of the time. The fruits of one tree provide 0,7 litres of oil – which immediately explains the price of argan oil.

There’s a risk that you will buy bad quality products, since argan oil is easily mixed with other, cheaper oils. Research on the internet learns that the price for a bottle of 100 ml varies between 13,5 and 40 euros.

My experience with using argan oil to treat psoriasis? The oil can be applied very thinly: a few drops are enough to treat my leg. The itching has diminished and my skin feels hydrated longer than when using other oils or a body butter. I tried it on my scalp as well, where argan oil is perfect to treat dry scalp and to diminish itching – yet, it is hard to apply it thinly here which means you’ll empty a bottle of 15 ml sooner. For the treatment of your scalp, I can recommend coconut oil, which is equally good and less expensive.

All in all: argan oil is a good product, provided that you buy a qualitative one. This means you will spend more money, but one has to pay for quality.

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